DGCC 2018 International Workshop on Data-driven Granular Cognitive Computing

at the IEEE ICDM 2018: 2018 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining

November 17-20, 2018, Singapore

Introduction :

    The 2018 International Workshop on Data-driven Granular Cognitive Computing (DGCC2018) provides a unique platform for researchers focus on granular cognitive computing, knowledge discovering and data mining from heterogeneous and autonomous information sources, to share and disseminate resent research progress.
    The processing of fragmented knowledge with complex and evolving relationships from heterogeneous, autonomous information sources demands innovations in theory, algorithm and applications. Cognitive computing, inspired by human’s granularity thinking and cognition law of “global precedence”, is the third and most transformational phase in computing’s evolution, after the two distinct eras of computing—the tabulating era and the programming era. Data-driven granular cognitive computing (DGCC) has attracted extensive research recently. While statistical machine learning algorithms learn patterns with a “bottom up” style which needs huge amount of data, we human-beings cognize the world with a “global precedence” mechanism in a much more effective and efficient way. Comparing with the statistical machine learning and data mining, there is still a long way to go before we find out how human cognition works.Thus, we invite all researchers and practitioners to participate in this event and share, contribute, and discuss the emerging challenges in granular cognitive computing and knowledge engineering with complex and evolving relationships from heterogeneous, autonomous information sources.

Topics :

The major topics of interest to this workshop include but are not limited to :

Important Dates :

Submission Guidelines

    Paper submissions should be limited to a maximum of 10 pages, in the IEEE 2-column format (link), including the bibliography and any possible appendices. Papers with more than 8 pages will need to pay extra page fee. Submissions longer than 10 pages will be rejected without review. All submissions will be reviewed by the Program Committee on the basis of technical quality, relevance to scope of the conference, originality, significance, and clarity. All manuscripts are submitted as full papers and are reviewed based on their scientific merit. The reviewing process is confidential. There is no separate abstract submission step. There are no separate industrial, application, short paper or poster tracks. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in online submission system. We do not accept email submissions. all accepted papers will be included in the IEEE ICDM 2018 Workshops Proceedings volume published by IEEE Computer Society Press, and will also be included in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Therefore, papers must not have been accepted for publication elsewhere or be under review for another workshop, conferences or journals.

Pleas find the details of guidelines at http://icdm2018.org/calls/call-for-papers/ .


PC Chairs:

Organizing Chair:

  • Zhixing Li (China), lizx@cqupt.edu.cn
  • PC

  • Davide Ciucci (Italy), ciucci@disco.unimib.it
  • Chris Cornelis (Spain), chriscornelis@ugr.es
  • A. Mani (India), a.mani.cms@gmail.com
  • Hung Son Nguyen (Poland), son@mimuw.edu.pl
  • Hiroshi Sakai (Japan), sakai@mns.kyutech.ac.jp
  • Roman Slowinski (Poland), roman.slowinski@cs.put.poznan.pl
  • Witold Pedrycz (Canada), wpedrycz@ualberta.ca
  • Shyi-Ming Chen (Taiwan), smchen@mail.ntust.edu.tw
  • Hamido Fujita (Japan), HFujita-799@acm.org
  • Zhixing Li (China), lizx@cqupt.edu.cn
  • Hong Yu (China), yuhong@cqupt.edu.cn
  • Ji Xu (China), xuji1979@126.com
  • Changlin Xu (China), xuchlin@163.com
  • Xun Gong (China), xgong@home.swjtu.edu.cn
  • Duoqian Miao (China), dqmiao@tongji.edu.cn
  • Fan Min (China), minfanphd@163.com
  • Yuhua Qian (China), jinchengqyh@126.com
  • Xizhao Wang (China), xizhaowang@ieee.org
  • Ling Wei (China), wl@nwu.edu.cn
  • Weizhi Wu (China), wuwz@zjou.edu.cn
  • Xiaohong Zhang (China), zhangxiaohong@sust.edu.cn; zxhonghz@263.net
  • Yanping Zhang (China), Zhangyp2@gmail.com
  • Weihua Xu (China), chxuwh@gmail.com
  • Thierry Denoeux (France), Thierry.Denoeux@hds.utc.fr
  • Jerzy Grzymała-Busse (USA), jerzy@ku.edu
  • Aboul Ella Hassanien (Egypt), aboitcairo@gmail.com
  • Richard Jensen (UK), rkj@aber.ac.uk
  • Ernestina Menasalvas(Spain), emenasalvas@fi.upm.es
  • Mikhail Moshkov (Saudi Arabia), mikhail.moshkov@kaust.edu.sa
  • Wei Wei (China), 58513931@qq.com
  • Dominik Ślęzak (Poland), slezak@mimuw.edu.pl
  • Sankar Pal (India), sankarpal@yahoo.com
  • Pradipta Maji (India), pmaji@isical.ac.in
  • Romi Banerjee (India), rm.banerjee@gmail.com
  • Ning Zhong (Japan), zhong.ning.wici@gmail.com
  • Jingtao Yao (Canada), jtyao@cs.uregina.ca